Known as the resident virgin, despite the fact he has sleep with Garrus ' wife after being trained in a non-Manilow way in the art of love-making by Boston Tom McMustache , TommyV is usually in the lounge NOT spouting out "I"M NOT A VIRGIN", as he has no need being McMustache's apprentice in snoo-snoo.

Correctly assumed to be a cockgobbler, it is believed that Tommy would have spawned into one of the most magnificent and successful human-beings to have ever existed in numerous fields, however after joining ESB at the age of 15, his limitless-potential was quickly bound, gagged and molested, which coincidentally is also destined to be the fate of his future victims, as years in the Eastsideboxing Lounge have warped his once innocent mind and stained his once immune, glistening purity, leaving him confined to the future occupation of mass rapist and comedic serial killer.