White Knight.jgp

'The term 'internet white knight' refers to a faggot who may be liable to embarrass himself on a few counts of faggotry'.


Some clowns claim that they wouldn't smash certain slagues who have their pics posted on ESB. These idiots usually confuse the question 'would you smash her?' for the question 'is she hot?', which are blatantly worlds apart. Everyone and their dog knows that these idiots like anyone have banged below standard bitches yet they still claim they wouldn't bang decent girls on esb. They are a disgrace.

Standing Up For What's RightEdit

ESB has a habit of producing keyboard warriors, people who conveniently want to support femininity in arguments on esb as they sit behind their laptops crying because they wish they had half the swagger of Avram Grant.


The ‘White Knight’ can be found on ESB (and other forums/webcam sites) defending female posters in the hope that they will take his virginity. They wont.