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Teeto from 2007-2010

Teeto has always been an avid boxing nerd from a young age. As a young lad he used to buy boxing videos from market stalls until he had about 60 or so, and he would always buy both The Ring and Boxing News. Fascinated by boxing history, boxing present, and boxing future all in equal proprtion, Teeto joined esb in 2007. He immediately began posting in the classic forum more so than anywhere else, and became a fixture in that area of esb over the next few years. His first posting relationships and or friendships were struck with McGrain and El Bujia. To this day the trio all mutually share each others respect and discuss all facets of boxing in the classic forum. Teeto is known for being objective at all times when it comes to boxing debate. In his first year of posting he won the award for most unbiased poster, and is dam proud of it.

2010 OnwardsEdit

In 2010 Teeto began to show his personality on esb, this began in the lounge. He is known for having smashed over 100 sluts. Since being in the lounge he has struck up forum friendships with NeckbraikenAiken, Mr Tony, GG (not anymore), Craigseventy, and others. He is one of the founding members of Team Barry and its movement for the people. His relationship with the Barry team and its affiliates is ongoing (see Team Barry page for more and members). Teeto is also a chief member of the FSC; The Forced Sex Committee, alongside DDDUUUDDEE, the team was formed by Nufcjay and has become an institution for all the right reasons.

Teeto and BoxingEdit

Teeto is boxing obsessed. He boxed as a young lad but with nothing notable occurring, he is an avid fan forever. His favourite fighter of all time is Roberto Duran. His favourite fighter in his own life time is Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson is also his favourite person in the world.

Teeto and being stuck in the past (computer games)Edit

Teeto, for as objective as he is on the subject of boxing, he just cannot apply that same philosophy to computer game debate! His favourite game of all time is Final Fantasy 7, and it is only the games from that era and before that he has a place in his heart for,

Teeto and Hip HopEdit

Teeto is a huge hip hop fan, his favourite movement is the Wu-Tang movement, with his all time favourite rapper being The GZA. He creates his own tracks as a hobby, with his producer Wirdo.