Bertram Cooper (born January 10, 1966), also known as Sir Smokin Bert Cooper is a heavyweight boxer, most famous for his devastating punching power and several wild brawls in the 1990s. The African American son of British boxing legend Sir Henry Cooper may not have got his father's looks but he did inherit his powerful left hook.

Cooper came out of Philadelphia and was trained in his early years by ex-champs Joe Frazier, and his father, and rose in the rankings with a series of explosive knockouts in the Cruiserweight division despite being a natural welter weight when not training. He hit the great Orlin Norris so hard it damaged his knee and marked Cooper as a man to be feared.Cooper vowed only to fight Heavyweights from that moment on and still pulled his punches out of fear of killing again.

He faced many legends such as Ray Mercer, George Foreman, Riddick Bowe, Michael Moorer, Chris Byrd, Derrick Jefferson, Corrie Sanders, Evander Holyfield, and Gabe Brown. All these fighters have been quoted as crediting him as the hardest puncher they ever faced. Holyfield specifically went into great detail in a Ring Magazine interivew, "Tyson was all arms and elbows, he could hurt you but Bert Cooper could kill you. I was lucky he held back when he fought me, but he could still kill you without trying, that's how hard he hit."

The greatest victory of Cooper's career came when he KOed Ring #4 Joe Savage in 1994, putting him in line for a title shot. However, Don King told Cooper he would have to wait as Tyson was getting out of prision. The plan was for Tyson to unify the titles and defend the undisputed Championship against Cooper. But. Mike Tyson was quoted as tellling Don King, "Fuck that, you fight him if you love him so much, faggot. " Not fighting the entire year, Cooper campaigned vigorously for a title fight with Tyson in 1996, calling him out on ESPN with vicious improvised raps. All was in vain, however, as Tyson faced Holyfield instead.

Holyfield refused to give the aging Cooper a rematch and Cooper accepted his lot in life as a gate keeper. Allowing younger potential superstars to beat him and add his legendary name to their resumes. Cooper was finally knighted in 1999 by the Queen for his Human Rights work and legendary career. He is currenlty the first and only African American to be knighted. Sir Bert Cooper currently tours the world with his hip hip/jazz fusion band, the Funky Left Hook Express occassionally calling out the Klitschko Brothers, who live in fear of his return.