Shane Mosley 2009

"I don't even know what A-side meff looks like!"

The Shane Mosley Incident refers to an occasion when Shane Mosley personally responded to a post made by poster sosolid4u09 on Eastsideboxing's General Forum. This response appeared on as well as ESPN The Magazine, May16th 2011 edition.

In a thread created by sosolid4u09 leading up to the Shane Mosley - Manny Pacquiao fight, the poster made a comment regarding Shane's past of admitting to using Performance Enhancing Drugs.

The poster made a point that if Shane displays the type of stamina he showed early on in his career, the pac-mosley fight would get very interesting. (for the full post see (

Shane was shown this post when being interviewed for the Pacquiao bout for ESPN Magazine and responded passionately saying:

" "Ha-ha. I get worse stuff on Twitter. It's lies, lies and more lies. Don't listen to that. The performance enhancer was a past thing. That was 2003. It's been asked and answered. Some say if I beat Pacquiao, the issue will die. But they said the same before I fought Margarito, and people are still talking about it."


This is one of the few times a genuine superstar has responded directly to a comment made on Eastsideboxing.