Reggie Hammond (730BC-2007) is a former moderator and cunt on ESB, infamous throughout the boards for being a lying, crack-pipe wielding piece of shit.

Hammond is no longer a member of Eastsideboxing, and video (.GIF) footage emerged sometime ago of Hammond being hung in place of Saddam Hussein (who's crimes was consider less heinous, and thus he was replaced in the noose by Hammond) as a result of his con-artistry & squandering of forum member's hard-earned cash to satisfy his addiction to the Devil's dandruff.

Some say that he was never working on the t-shirts to be begin with, others say he was in process of making them when he was strung up for his offences, while there are strong rumours that Hammond was in fact the proprietor of the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt. It remains to be seen whether this speculation is true, and archeologists believe that exuming the remains of this pre-historic Boubou-monster will lead to clues which will either prove or dispel these rumours.

The worst offense was when, just prior to being 86'd from the forum forever, the fat yutz decided to go on a banning spree and even had the gall to ban the almighty Sweet Pea, whose contributions to the forum were immeasurable, for no reason. What a cunt.

Yet Sweet Pea would go on to commit his own heinous crime when he provided a link which had viruses.It was in retalition in which ESB'ers correctly assumed he was a rapist. And faggot.