Julio Caesar Chavez posing with charlie chaplin hat prior to being beaten up by Frankie Randall. Note that this picture barely resembles chavez today as the beating he took at Randall's hands furthur disfigured him.

One of the biggest frauds to ever grace any ring, WWE and otherwise. Chavez was known to beat up cab drivers, tequila stand owners, vagrants and otherwise subpar competition on his way to a 100-0 record. Also one of the ugliest people ever to be recorded on camera. Said to be part human and part neanderthal. This allowed him to make up for his lack of boxing skill as his cro-magnon skull protected his small brain from being concussed by skilled fighters. Generally regarded in Mexico as the greatest fighter. This is because in Mexico there are no other sports stars. Has a son, Chavez Jr, who is following in his father's footsteps. Chavez Jr. is now regarded as the biggest fraud in boxing. There are debates ragging over which is the bigger fraud, junior or senior. Irrespective they both take their place in boxing history as unskilled laborers who were marketed as boxers when they are better suited to grape picking