"This is his fiery best"

Jorodz is the name of a polite, respectful Canadian poster on EastSideBoxing. He was banned on December 7, 2011 for asking questions about the dread Ron Lipton incident. He also (foolishly) defended quality posters like Klopmton and SurfBat and stated the mods banning spree might be excessive.

In an effort to show Jorodz his place EastSideBoxing banned him...permanently. When asked the reason for such a ban the mods stared at him blankly. Jorodz is grateful for his time spent with such wonderful posters and would like to thank:

GPater, McGrain, Burt B, Teeto, El Buja, Klompton, Pachilles, Chocolate Negro Kid, Boggle, Boxed Ears, Bunny Gibbons, StoneHands89, IntentionalButt, BodyHead, PipeWrenched, Dbou, Lufcrazy, TheSkull, Red Cobra, John Garfield and many, many more for 3 wonderful years on EastSideBoxing. I apologize for any wonderful posters I missed.

If you wish to contact Jorodz, feel free to post on this page before some douchebag takes it down.