All glory to LeForce!

Jay LeForce - otherwise known on the forums as ljastangs21 - is our the true & future owner and omnipotent warlord of ESB and the world.

LeForce first came to prominence in 2011BC as he saved an enslaved humanity from murderous, rampaging killbots from the planet Wyoming. His rudimentary 17½ hour last stand in which - fueled by estrinsic and exotic fruits - he fought off horde after horde of the ravenous destroyers with nothing more than tupperware and a Three Wolf Moon t-shirt, is regarded as one of the finest achievements in human history, a feat which lead to him being a 8-times winner of the Best Man Ever Award, despite the fact the awards have only ever been held once.

ESB was graced with the presence of Earth's greatest ever creation on the 1st August 2011AD on the Suggestions & Requests sub-forum. Some believe this date to significant as it is believed to be the exact date Before Christ in which LeForce saved existence, and hence his appearance is thought to be the Second Coming. LeForce attempted to purchase Eastsideboxing, but was promptly shot down by the frivulous homophile owner of ESB RossForCocks. This is not the first time in history LeForce has suffered a setback, however, hence many are confident that he will return in the near-future to claim his rightful place at on the ESB throne, and by able to purchase us some new fucking servers that work.

In the meantime, LeForce is believed to be working on several new projects, including his second studio album 'Killbots? More like KillNOTS: Redux', a follow up to the critically acclaimed 406x platinum album 'Killbots? More like KillNOTS: Volume I' in which he collabarated with reknowned Russian emcee and hip-hop allstar Sugar Niko .