Prince charles

"Diversity makes us stronger. Now please don't blow up my limo."

Englandistan, formerly known as the United Kingdom, is a small, impoverished Muslim country located on an island off the coast of Europe. It's main exports are hooligans and crippling malaise. Englandistan invented the sport of boxing in its modern form, and has produced many fine and successful professional boxers such as Ricky Hatton, Lennox Lewis, and Carl Froch. Unfortunately all of this is negated by the fact that it has also produced David Haye.

The national motto of Englandistan is "Multiculturalism makes us a better nation!" and is usually recited by forlorn Englandistani men as they survey the alien hellscape their country has become, as well as by the women as they're raped by sweaty unemployed Muslims.

On the bright side, at least it's not America. An Englandistani might choke on body odor and the stink of curry while riding public transit, but at least they have public transit, and they won't go bankrupt if the stench sends them to the hospital.